An in-depth review of Talkspace (Updated 2022)

In this post, we examine Talkspace, a online therapy platform with one of the largest selection of qualified therapists.

In response to the increasing number of online treatment services, just a handful have actually become well-known brand names. Talkspace is one of the earliest companies to enter the field, and certainly the very first one to use star ratings to promote its services.

In this article, we dive deep into Talkspace to determine whether individuals should feel confident that they are in good hands when they join.

An Introduction to Talkspace

In 2012, Roni and Oren Frank founded Talkspace in New York. Following their own positive experience with pairs treatment, the couple decided to introduce the solution. Their initiative began as a group treatment system that offered online sessions with certified specialists. The company added an unlimited messaging option in addition to audio and video clip scheduling as well. From 1998 to 2018, the firm extended its treatment options to include specific psychotherapy, pairs therapy, Talkspace for Teens, and also consultations with psychoanalysts to prescribe medicines.

For years, Talkspace has continued to grow, amassing over one million users. To make the solution more accessible, they have partnered with health insurance companies, companies, and institutions. As stated on their website, their overall goal is not to change in-office treatment, but rather to help people deal with their day-to-day difficulties in a stigma-free environment.

An Overview of How Talkspace Works?

As a month-to-month solution, Talkspace gives clients consistent access to qualified therapists. The platform has an application as well as an interactive internet system that can be accessed from a smart device, tablet, or desktop computer. The service allows a private to communicate with their assigned specialist with message, sound, and video. Professionals, on the other hand, usually respond just one or two times a day and also work five days a week. Depending on the membership plan, customers can also book approximately four 45-minute video clip sessions with their therapist each month.

How Talkspace Works

Plans and Pricing for Talkspace

Talkspace offers a variety of psychological health services. When registering, users select their preferred plan, but can switch at any time.

  • Messaging Therapy: This plan offers unlimited text, video, and audio messaging with response guarantees 5 days a week for $69 per week, billed at $276 per month.
  • Live Therapy: Sessions are 45 minutes long, and this plan costs $99 per week, $396 per month.
  • Live + Messaging Therapy: Each month there are four live sessions of 45 minutes each where all text, audio, and video messages will be answered. This costs $129 a week or $516 per month.
  • Couples Therapy + 4 Live Sessions: You’ll receive unlimited text, video, and audio messages from your partner five days a week, plus four 45-minute couples therapy sessions a month. It’s $109 a week, or $436 a month.
  • Psychiatry – Initial Evaluation: The $249 one-time fee includes a 60-minute psychiatric evaluation.
  • Psychiatry – Initial Evaluation + 1 Follow Up Session: There is a one-time payment of $365 that must be made.
  • Psychiatry – Initial Evaluation + 3 Follow Up Sessions: There is a one-time payment of $565 that needs to be made.

You will still be charged for the entire month even if you cancel after a few days. They often offer discounts on their website. Although it is not the cheapest option, Talkspace is competitively priced when compared to various other suppliers. Right now, they are running a promo with a $100 discount if you use the promo code SPACE.

Talkspace - Ease of Use on Desktop and Mobile

Talkspace’s straightforward interface is one of its best features. The website is easy to use, and you can switch between desktop computer and mobile application at any time. It is available for both iPhone and Android users.

How to Sign-Up

The Talkspace app can be downloaded and installed on your computer or your phone. You will need to enter a nickname, password, and email address. Signup is initiated by either an AI robot or an accredited specialist who acts as a matchmaker. It is up to you which method you prefer.

As soon as you enter basic info like your age, name, as well as location, you will have the chance to discover how Talkspace works. In general, the representative asks about your previous treatment experience and any significant issues you are currently experiencing. After that, they help you select a subscription that is most suitable for you. Subscriptions can be changed at any time.

With the AI conversation system, you will be asked similar questions, however they will be automated.
Talkspace Sign-Up Process

When the AI chat system or consultation therapist has collected all the information they need, they will provide you with 3 matching specialists. Choosing a gender preference for your specialist will be an option. Prior to selecting who you want, you can review their photos, biographies, experience, as well as credentials. You can always request a brand-new match even after you have chosen one.

Talkspace Chats

You’ll gain access to a secure virtual therapy space once you have chosen your match and completed your repayment details. Using your favorite web browser or the Talkspace application on your phone, you can access this room.

There is an outstanding platform for chatting in Talkspace that is comparable to other popular chat screens. Send your therapist a message, a video, or an audio message at any time. Whenever you send a message, you’ll receive a reply telling you when you can expect a response.

Most therapists respond the same day. Your specialist will certainly notify you if he or she is not working on the day you send them a message. Utilizing the application, you can set up alerts on your phone that will notify you when your therapist replies. You will also receive an email when your therapist replies.

Qualifications of Talkspace Counselor

Unlike many other therapy websites, Talkspace requires all its specialists to have 3,000 hours of scientific experience. Before joining the platform, all experts are verified and also background-checked. In addition, Talkspace offers its hires training in certain treatment methods.

Expert therapists range in experience from newly accredited therapists to medical psychotherapists with Ph.D. degrees. In addition, there are many irregularities in terms of competence and treatment. As a result, you can sort matches until you find one that satisfies your particular needs.

How Does Talkspace Therapy Work?

During my sign-up interview, I was matched with an accredited professional counselor working out of New York City. As part of her treatment, she emphasized family systems and cognitive-behavioral therapy. She has been with Talkspace for over a year.

After we matched, I was required to consent to speaking with my specialist, and then we were able to begin the discussion. Her first message was a greeting, to which I responded immediately. After that, I hit the button to let my specialist know that I was waiting for a response, and I was told she would reply by 9 pm.

She sometimes reacted at the end of the day, also when I messaged early in the morning. As a result, our introduction messages lasted three days. On day four, she asked me what was creating me “distress” in my life. Providing her a summary of my current distress, I provided her with my heart and soul in an in-depth message. After sending, I waited six hours to hear from her.

I received a single line offering me suggestions that I could have easily gathered from an inspirational quotes Instagram page. According to her, “Bodies are like seasons; they recur.” There is certainly truth to this statement, but the short response seemed to gloss over a lot of the problems I had actually expressed. The fact that she hadn’t asked me how I was feeling also surprised me.

I followed up with a message to let her know I understood this concept, but it wasn’t extremely useful for my present situation. I was assured I would receive a response by 9 pm the following day. Specifically, at 8:30 pm on the following day, she asked, “Do you think the pandemic has figured in?”?

At that point, I switched therapists. As part of their “check-in,” Talkspace provided me with the alternative right away.

I switched without much difficulty. After ranking my experience with my initial specialist, they offered me new options. She was a certified professional social worker specializing in cognitive behavior modification and had worked for Talkspace for five months.

Upon meeting my new therapist, I discovered she was much more warm and compassionate than my previous therapist. A typical response from her was four to six lines, and she responded at various times throughout the day.

After a few days, she started asking me inquiries and using helpful as well as thoughtful responses. She sprinkled her feedback with helpful facts such as “focus on your own development.”.

As I vented my disappointments every day, I began to really feel a sense of relief. My online therapy began to be enjoyable when I became better at clearly connecting my requirements and defining what I was seeking. My life was not changed significantly by Talkspace, but I found it to be a useful resource.

Best Practices for Using Talkspace

When you expose yourself in a text as well as wait for an action, there is a change period. Moreover, it can be difficult to find the source of the problem if your situation is complicated or includes social problems. When you adapt to the Talkspace style, you can gain meaningful insights and thoughtful responses regarding a wide variety of issues.

In order to get the most value out of your Talkspace sessions, it would be best if you had a very specific or repeating concern. Additionally, you are likely to find texting a lot more reliable if it is accompanied by video sessions, which typically need to be booked at least a week in advance.

Therapy in Talkspace differs greatly from standard therapy, so there is bound to be an adjustment period for therapists as well as clients.

You can easily switch therapists, which is a significant advantage. After I felt a connection with my therapist, it was additionally wonderful knowing that I had 24/7 access to a professional who could help me through and also reflect on my problems.

As with in-person therapy, the more you put into Talkspace treatment, the more you will benefit from it.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Talkspace is very clear about its privacy policy and takes numerous steps to protect your information. Health Insurance Transportability and Liability Act (HIPAA) certifications are provided by the system.

Users are assured that all communications taking place on Talkspace are encrypted. The app also requires you to enter a password you created. By using a label instead of your legal name when interacting with your therapist, you can add additional identity protection. Additionally, Talkspace may gather additional information about users who access the site through their employer or insurance provider.

A feature of Talkspace that you should be familiar with is that your conversations cannot be removed. Due to the fact that the discussions between the client and therapist are medical records, the government mandates that the documents are kept undamaged for no less than 5 years. Also, they keep any type of information that you provide concerning an emergency call in case of a mental health issue.

We may use the information you provide to Talkspace for research and analysis. According to the personal privacy plan, “non-identifying and accumulated information” may be used. It usually includes information like how customers browse the site, what types of communications they send, and their general demographic information. The information is typically used by business to enhance the platform’s functionality, and also any kind of identifying details would be gotten rid of for data analysis. According to former Talkspace workers, anonymized conversations are frequently evaluated and analyzed for information insights. However, this is contested by the company. As long as it’s anonymized and also evaluated by professionals, it’s not a privacy violation.

Talkspace's Expertise and Specialization

Talkspace has thousands of therapists trained in a variety of therapeutic methods. Therapy techniques include cognitive behavior modification, dialectical behavioral therapy, mindfulness, logical emotive behavior therapy, and psychodynamic approaches, according to Talkspace. On Talkspace, every therapist must adapt their method of treatment to an online format, which may lead to significant differences in top quality.

As a result of the way customers and specialist interact on the Talkspace system, therapy on the system can be much more casual than it would certainly be in a traditional in-person setting.

Therapists at Talkspace treat a wide range of conditions; however, it is noted that the system can be useful for problems such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Trauma and Grief
  • Addiction
  • Eating disorders
  • Family conflict
  • Mood disorders
  • Parenting
  • Sexual abuse
  • Relationship problems
  • Sleep problems
  • LGBTQIA+ issues
  • Anger management

Talkspace's Couples Therapy Session

There are a number of specialists on Talkspace who specialize in couples counseling, which may be helpful for some couples. Couples will have the same therapist as well as can attend joint sessions or private ones.

The following issues are addressed through pair counseling at Talkspace:

  • Sexual health
  • Infidelity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Fertility issues
  • Work and finances
  • Parenting
  • Intimacy
  • Communication
  • Addiction

Talkspace for Teens

On Talkspace, you can find a number of specialists who specialize in couples counseling.
It has been part of Talkspace’s development plan to include an online treatment option for teens. Teen Talkspace is designed for adolescents aged 13-17 years old. Teenagers require adult approval to start treatment, which is provided via video clip and SMS message on the app. Kids can simply upload a video of their parents consenting directly to the application.

The ethical standards adhered to by Talkspace counselors during treatment with teenagers imply that parents do not have access to any type of conversation or information exchanged during treatment sessions. The only time a specialist will contact moms and dads is if their children continue to pose a danger to themselves or others.

If the child and the specialist agree, parents are not involved in the treatment process. Moms and dads who wish to know how their child is doing can talk directly to the specialist. However, the specialist will only give parents information if they have the child’s consent.

There are a number of therapists at Talkspace who are qualified to work with teens. They address many of the problems that teens face, including:

  • School issues
  • Relationships and family problems
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Dating
  • Abuse
  • Addiction
  • Bullying
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual orientation and sexual health
  • LGBTQ+ issues
  • Body image
  • Self-esteem
  • Social anxiety
  • Career planning

Consultation with a Psychiatrist on Talkspace

For the first time, Talkspace provided prescription services to individuals seeking drugs through its mental wellness system. Customers can schedule appointments with a psychoanalyst for an additional fee, who can suggest and handle most medicines. However, on Talkspace, providers are not able to prescribe dangerous drugs.

Clients in psychiatry will talk about the best treatment plan during their assessment, but are not guaranteed a prescription. Drug services on Talkspace are a great help to individuals looking for drugs and offer the benefit of prescriptions from professionals in the field.

Some Other Noteworthy Features

In addition to texting and internet sessions, Talkspace provides access to an online sign tracker. Users can keep track of their development in time, which can help them approach therapy more effectively. You can also use the application to perform exercises that target everyday issues like anxiety or conflict. Your therapist can also see these exercises if you choose to log them.

Is Talkspace a Useful?

Studies have not examined how reliable it is as a carrier of treatment. There have been studies done to evaluate the effectiveness of messaging as well as Internet-based therapy.

In a 2014 study, online therapy proved effective for treating depression when specialists engaged in cognitive behavior modification with their clients. According to a study published in 2020, two-way messaging with a qualified specialist was just as effective as in-person therapy for stress, anxiety, and clinical depression. Individuals in this study also tended to perform better when their appointed therapists used cognitive behavioral therapy. In addition, those who had more interaction with their therapists did better than those who composed less.

There is more work to be done on specific forms of online treatment, yet in general most research suggests that providing treatment through the Internet is a legit intervention that can aid people improve their mental health and well-being. There is still uncertainty as to how specific treatment techniques can be effectively utilized on-line and which conditions are appropriate.

People typically wait a very long time for responses from Talkspace experts, and sometimes those responses seem copied and pasted. When you leave vulnerable messages, this can be challenging. Some people have reported excellent and also high-quality interactions with their specialists from the very beginning.

However, Talkspace may not be suitable for everyone. It is better to get an in-person examination if you have severe or complicated mental health and wellness problems. Furthermore, if you don’t feel comfortable communicating online or in a virtual environment, it might not be as reliable as meeting a therapist face-to-face.

Your success with Talkspace depends on your problems, the quality of the specialist you are matched with, the moment they commit to you, and also whether the format of delivery suits your lifestyle and also requirements.

Who Is Talkspace For?

Individuals who are more comfortable interacting through text may benefit from Talkspace. Moreover, it is far better suited for people with mental health problems that are not severe.

You should try Talkspace if you really feel comfortable building a relationship with someone. Many of the benefits of Talkspace are dependent upon the therapist with whom you are matched. Online therapy will certainly be most effective for you if you locate an expert you can develop a great relationship with and also that has knowledge in your particular area of need. They use thousands of therapists and make it relatively simple for you to change your appointed therapist if you are not pleased with your match.

Talkspace is likewise a good choice for those who suffer from social anxiety or who do not feel comfortable going to a treatment center. Many individuals may not seek help if they could not speak with a professional easily over the phone.

In addition, you might find Talkspace useful if you find journaling to be a practical task. Talkspace is similar to a journal, except that it writes back with helpful advice, and it can be an extremely useful tool for a wide range of people. You can also continue to communicate with your specialist even if your membership ends. It can also be a valuable tool for reviewing previous suggestions and advice from your specialist about how to handle certain kinds of problems.

As a general rule, Talkspace might be a great selection for people who are uncertain about therapy and want to try it, those who are uncomfortable or unable to travel to an office, as well as those with a tighter budget who want the convenience of treatment at their convenience.

What Types of People Shouldn't Use Talkspace?

Talkspace should never be used during a mental health crisis. In addition, it is not suitable for people who need a complex treatment strategy, such as those with multiple diagnoses, mania, or psychosis. If they use the app in case they need emergency services, people with a history of injury should have an emergency plan in place.

As Talkspace does not support legal documents for court-ordered therapy or special needs programs, it is not an excellent choice for those who are mandated by their company, school, or another authority to participate in therapy.

In Summary

Finding a mental health and wellness specialist that is both affordable and also easily accessible can be a challenging task. Through their platform, Talkspace fills this void.

In addition to being able to vent about your issues as they develop, Talkspace enables you to monitor your progress over time. Talkspace also offers a cost-effective way for individuals to get therapy from the convenience of their own homes.

Generally, the platform is easy to use, offers counseling from trained professionals, and gives individuals the option to choose their own therapist if things aren’t working.

Talkspace is a wonderful alternative that may come down to a matter of personal preference. At the end of the day, it can provide an efficient, hassle-free, as well as budget-friendly way to maintain your mental health. You can find out for sure if you give it a try on your own.

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