An in-depth review of Calmerry (Updated 2022)

This review focuses on Calmerry, a treatment system that places a strong emphasis on client-therapist relationships.

More and more treatment applications are available for psychological health and wellness, as people turn to electronic platforms for convenience. Online treatment can be just as effective as in-person treatment for many people, according to research. Furthermore, it enables you to attend sessions from the comfort of your house, at a rate that is far less expensive than most regular in-office sessions.

Among the newer online treatment platforms gaining attention is Calmerry. 
Is it worth a shot, though? Using Calmerry, we explored whether the system is easy to use and also how effective the therapists and treatment sessions are in comparison to in-person and also other platforms. Keep reading for the full testimonial.

An Introduction to Calmerry

Calmerry is new to the online therapy space and is based in Washington. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of business owners from the United States and Europe developed it.

The goal of Calmerry is to “make treatment affordable as well as accessible to everyone.” They currently have a significant network of therapists in the United States. While they are new, they have seen considerable growth and are rapidly becoming one of the largest online treatment systems in the US.

An Overview of How Calmerry Works?

Calmerry provides users with sessions with certified specialists as part of a membership service. The platform consists of an application or interactive internet system that can be accessed through a smartphone, tablet computer, or desktop computer. Clients can communicate with their therapist 24/7 through a messaging system. Individuals can also schedule up to four 30-minute online video sessions a month with their therapist based on their registration plan.

How Talkspace Works

Plans and Pricing for Talkspace

Calmerry is a registration service which provides an introductory one-week strategy as well as three monthly plans for individual therapy. For new customers, the company offers a promotional discount for the first month. Although they bill regularly monthly, they provide their costs based on the once a week expense, as do other treatment providers. Here are the subscription options available for therapy on Calmerry:

  • Messaging + Live Video Weekly plan (introductory): A licensed therapist will provide unlimited messaging and one 30-minute live video session at $64.99 a week.
  • Messaging: Licensed therapists are available for unlimited text message therapy. The first month is $41.99/week normally, $56.99/week normally.
  • Message + 1 Live Video: Monthly live video session with a licensed therapist, plus unlimited messaging therapy. Normally, the price is $74.49/week, but for the first month it is $51.99/week.
  • Message + 4 Live Video:Monthly messaging therapy sessions plus four 30-minute live video sessions with a licensed therapist. For the first month, the price is $67.49/week instead of $89.99/week.

For those new to the platform, Calmerry recommends trying out the “Therapy Journey Start” plan and adjusting their plan accordingly. Couples therapy is also available, priced the same as individual therapy.

Calmerry is offering a free trial to all new clients during May, which is mental health awareness month. It includes a 30-minute live video consultation with a therapist.


Calmerry - Ease of Use on Desktop and Mobile

Calmerry has an incredibly intuitive user interface. It is very easy to browse, as you can switch between using a desktop computer and also the mobile application at any time. Both iPhones and Androids are supported.

Calmerry Interface

How to Sign-Up

Calmerry can be enrolled in on your desktop or by downloading and installing the Calmerry app. An email address and password will be requested. Following that, you will be sent a verification code that you can use to verify your account and complete the setup process. The next step is an intake interview that will be used to match you with a specialist. You will be matched with a specialist in your own state if you live in the United States. Depending on accessibility and also viability, clients from abroad will be assigned a specialist.

Your age, name, nickname, and an array of questions regarding your current problems will certainly be asked during the meeting process. The Calmerry system screens for clinically depressed states of mind, stress and anxiety, eating disorders, injury, and suicidal feelings. In the intake form, you will be asked for general information about your prior experience with therapy and about your professional preferences (i.e. gender and experience). Your phone number is also requested before you can proceed.

After you complete the form, you will be shown a summary of your assessment, analyzing your psychological wellness and also predicting your progress. To be paired with a therapist, you must complete the repayment page as well as continue to pay for your very first week. A therapist will then be automatically matched with you within a few hours.

It is possible to speak to a mental health aide or client assistance at any time prior to paying. If you have questions, they will respond promptly.

Talkspace Chats

Following payment and matching, you will gain access to a secure virtual therapy environment. You can access this room by using your favorite web browser or the Calmerry app on your smartphone. You can view your specialist’s profile, expertise, and background information.
Calmerry Chat
Calmerry offers a chat platform that is similar to many well known chat displays. With your specialist, you can send sms messages at any time with guaranteed everyday responses. Your specialist’s approximate response time will be displayed above the display. By using the app, you can set up notifications that will alert you when your therapist replies, or else you will receive an email alert. Your therapist can review the entire history of your conversation at any time.

Qualifications of Calmerry's Counselor

Calmerry requires all its specialists to have 2,500 hours of professional experience. Prior to joining the platform, specialists are validated and screened. Based on each state’s test, technique, and licensing requirements, they are each accredited by their state’s professional board.

Calmerry specialists include medical psychologists, marriage and family specialists (LMFT), medical social workers (LCSW/LMSW), or licensed professional counselors (LPC). Calmerry’s therapists are all specified to hold a master’s or doctorate degree in their field.

There is also considerable variation in knowledge and treatment approaches. This is a positive aspect since you can locate a therapist who meets with your specific demands based on your consumption interview as well as your providing issues.

Calmerry Qualified

How Does Calmerry Therapy Work?

I was matched with a certified professional counselor after my sign-up interview. The type of treatment she provided was client-centered with strength-based techniques.

Approximately an hour after my repayment was refined, I was matched with my therapist, and I was able to begin messaging her right away. Almost immediately after I sent her “hello there”, she emailed me the first feedback to my welcome. I felt like I had a risk-free and secure environment to discuss my problems with her. She was warm, welcoming, and made me feel comfortable. Additionally, she asked me how the pandemic was affecting me.

Our conversation continued, and almost every time, she responded within a few hours. She motivated me to schedule a video clip session by sending me thoughtful messages. My schedule allowed me to quickly and conveniently schedule a session that fit my needs.

Through the Calmerry system, I was able to video chat with specialists. I received multiple suggestion emails and also was asked to log in 15 minutes before my video clip session to confirm my presence. From there, I could see when my specialist was ready to begin.

Calmerry Therapist Sign Up

It was a pleasure to work with my therapist, who provided me with a warm ear as well as expert advice. I also felt like she was available any time and committed to providing thoughtful and helpful answers. Calmerry was like having a support system at my fingertips. Upon logging in, I was eager to read the replies from my specialist, and I also found myself eager to take part in video sessions. In contrast to various other systems, Calmerry therapists appear much less worn out and more attentive to their clients.

Though I didn’t use it, Calmerry provides the capability to change specialists if your match isn’t right. If you wish to switch over, you can chat with customer support through their real-time chatroom on their site or application or you can just email their assistance group directly.

Best Practices for Using Calmerry

Calmerry’s look and feel made it seem as if you were directly connected to your specialist, unlike numerous other applications where you wait a long time for feedbacks. This made it useful for both immediate and long-term problems.

Calmerry is a great alternative to in-person therapy given its high certifications of professionals, prompt responses, as well as video options. For many people, you will also be able to get 24/7 messaging support, so it may be even better. It was very therapeutic for me to write about my problems, knowing that I would have an upcoming video clip session with my therapist where we could discuss them.

For the most out of Calmerry, it is recommended to subscribe to their video clip and messaging plans. Messaging, however, may be sufficient if you need quick guidance and also insights into certain problems.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Calmerry’s specialists specialize in a wide range of treatment modalities. There are specialists trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior modification, mindfulness, gestalt therapy, mindfulness-based tension decrease, and story therapy, according to Calmerry. It may cause significant differences in high quality of service if each specialist adjusts their modality of therapy to an online format.

Calmerry does not provide a definitive list of conditions treated by therapists, but the system is noted to be beneficial for issues related to:

Calmerry's Expertise and Specialization

Calmerry’s specialists specialize in a wide range of treatment modalities. There are specialists trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior modification, mindfulness, gestalt therapy, mindfulness-based tension decrease, and story therapy, according to Calmerry. It may cause significant differences in high quality of service if each specialist adjusts their modality of therapy to an online format.

Calmerry does not provide a definitive list of conditions treated by therapists, but the system is noted to be beneficial for issues related to:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Low self-esteem
  • Trauma
  • Grief
  • Eating disorders
  • Family conflict
  • LGBTQ+ issues
  • Relationship problems
  • Anger management
  • Emotional abuse
  • Burnout
  • Career counseling

Calmerry's Couples Therapy Session

Calmerry has a large number of therapists who specialize in pair counseling. A couple will share the same therapist and also can either work through together for joint sessions or talk with their specialist about private sessions.

Calmerry provides couples counseling for problems such as:

  • Sexual health
  • Infidelity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Fertility issues
  • Work and finances
  • Parenting
  • Intimacy
  • Communication
  • Addiction

Some Other Noteworthy Features

Calmerry offers both texting and on-line therapy sessions, as well as access to a personalized therapy plan with short- and long-term goals. Users can collaborate with their specialist to keep track of their progress over time, which can help them understand the treatment process. When you log into your account, you will also find a substantial “Helpful Tips” section that offers assistance on how to get the most from your online treatment.

Is Calmerry a Useful?

Calmerry’s suitability for you depends upon a variety of factors. On the other hand, as far as online therapy platforms are concerned, it is an excellent choice.

Despite the fact that more work needs to be done to investigate the details of online therapy, most research suggests that providing therapy through internet-based platforms is a reputable form of intervention that enhances psychological wellness. However, it is still unclear precisely how specific modalities of therapy can be effectively used online, as well as which problems are appropriate for this type of treatment.

The platform could be useful for you if you are looking for support for any of the conditions listed by Calmerry and also your mental health and wellness issues are not severe.

In Summary

A mental health specialist can be hard to locate if you want cost-effective and accessible support. Calmerry fills this gap with a simple and inexpensive solution.

With Calmerry, you have the opportunity to vent about your problems as they arise with 24/7 messaging assistance. In addition, Calmerry offers a convenient way to receive treatment sessions from a qualified mental health specialist in the comfort of your own home.

The platform is generally easy to use, uses qualified specialists for counseling, and allows users to switch therapists if they are not happy with their suitor. Their customer service is excellent and they are very responsive to any concerns.

Calmerry offers therapists who are extremely professional and responsive. Calmerry is a hassle-free and budget-friendly solution for those seeking an encouraging network and actionable suggestions for their problems.

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