Musicworks (Winter 2017) – The Music of Interface
Sensor technology allows the body’s full range of motion to be tracked in high resolution. But would you know that from contemporary instrument design? Canadian artists and composers have considered this question. In the 1980s, David Rokeby created Very Nervous System, an installation that used primitive computer vision to turn body movement into music. More recently researcher Joseph Malloch and composer Patrick Saint-Denis have created sophisticated instruments and systems that “amp up” the musicality of movement and gesture in ways that question what we know about instruments, interaction, and performance. Media-art commentator Greg J. Smith moves in for a closer look.
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Soundsnap Blog (2018/02/12) – Creators in focus
Patrick Saint-Denis is a composer working mainly in sound art and interactive scenography. His works range from video installation to large-scale robotic machinery and are regularly presented in concert, exhibition, and dance both in Montréal and abroad. He also lectures about visual music and digital lutherie at the Université de Montréal. As a Soundsnap user, we invited him to do an interview about his work and experiences.