Yesterday’s Landscape Is No More (2020)

On February 22, 2020 I installed a light sensor on my balcony and started collecting data in order to sample the light curve over a full year. The idea is to collect one text file per day containing the brightness information and transcribe this data in the form of audio files. Sunrise and sunset happen quickly enough to render a 24-hour curve that has all the profiles of a square wave, a type of wave frequently used in sound synthesis. By sonifying this curve over a year, the pulse width modulation (PWM) often used to manipulate square waves would be intrinsically contained in the data and would operate in principle from one equinox to the other.

By installing a light sensor on my balcony in February 2020, I never suspected that I would have all this time to devote to it. Three synthesis pieces with visual support to illustrate the sonification where the idea of time is contained in the sound.

The three pieces are intended to be the beginning of a work over a full year where the idea of ​​time is simultaneously contained in the sound, the form and the creative process. Videos accompany each piece and constitute a kind of visual documentation of the sonification strategies. For Zeitgeber, the sound is centered on the day. For Golden Hours, the melodies follow the light curve of seven days superimposed with an emphasis on the golden hours. For Temps Artificiel, the sonification is spread over a full month.