fullSD Productions

fullSD Productions is an independent artistic organization created in 2018. It comes from the desire to conceive interdisciplinary artistic projects which deepen the links between performing arts and digital lutherie.

It is born from the need to gather a team around an idea, a scenic machine, an invented instrument and often all of this at a time. This desire to share expertise and creation leads to a particular way of designing production. We work on creation and performative gestures in teams, by iteration, somewhere between concert, dance, robotic art and physical theater.

So far, only one production (Èbe) has been presented by the organization and another is currently in progress (Il faut tuer le cinéma – Part I). Two installations in public space were also presented in Montreal. A tour of Montreal’s cultural centers (Accès Culture) is planned for the fall with Èbe. Still in its infancy, the organization is looking this year to form its board of directors, change it’s name and organize a Canadian tour for its production in spring 2020.

President: Patrick Saint-Denis
Vice-president: Geneviève Liboiron
Secretaire: Daniel Anez
Treasurer: Martin Rodriguez
Administrator: Martin Marier

Artistic and administrative director: Patrick Saint-Denis

Sarah Bronsard, for Èbe
Geneviève Liboiron, for Il faut tuer le cinéma – Part I
Daniel Anez, for Il faut tuer le cinéma – Part I