Bruit blond

Bruit blond (formerly Productions fullSD) is an artistic structure created in 2018. It arose from the desire to design interdisciplinary artistic projects that deepen the links between performing arts and digital lutherie.

It was also born out of the need to assemble a team around an idea, a scenic device, a digital musical instrument and often all of this at the same time. This desire to share expertise and creation leads to a particular way of conceiving production. We work on creation and performative gestures as a team, by iteration, somewhere between concert, dance, robotic art and physical theater.

The structure is centered around the idea of scenographic instrument. These instruments are often large-scale and can be autonomous or played by musicians, dance artists or by the public. The creative process seeks to ensure, in the context of new scenic writing, the mediation of two different performing agents, that is to say human artists and autonomous computer systems. The structure does not work by season but rather by production. Its activities are exclusively oriented around its creation. Still in its infancy, the structure is intended to be a laboratory where a transversal approach to creation is favored.

In 2018, three installations in public space and two productions were presented in Quebec. The following year, activities were centered around the Èbe show with a tour of Montreal’s cultural centers as well as participation in Parcours Danse. A new work (Il faut tuer le cinéma – Part I) has been in progress since the fall and the premiere is scheduled for winter 2021. A Canadian tour is also scheduled for next spring for the show Èbe.

President: Patrick Saint-Denis
Vice-president: Geneviève Liboiron
Secretaire: Dañiel Anez
Treasurer: Martìn Rodriguez
Administrator: Martin Marier

Artistic and administrative director: Patrick Saint-Denis

Sarah Bronsard, for Èbe
Geneviève Liboiron, for Il faut tuer le cinéma – Part I
Daniel Añez, for Il faut tuer le cinéma – Part I