Song For You (in progress)

Song For You is a durational project by dance artist Caroline Gravel and sound artist Patrick Saint-Denis. Motionless in the lotus position for 45 minutes, the performer provokes the variability of her heart rate by causing thoughts and emotions to arise. It is an anti-meditation. Rather than emptying, it causes a continuous flow of image and emotion. The rhythmic pattern caused by heartbeat is captured and embodied visually and audibly through a light scenography and the soundtrack orchestrated by Patrick Saint-Denis at sunset on a roof of Montreal. The repetitive pattern of this slow series of subtle changes leads to a meditative state. The result is an object that ‘pulls’ us inside of us and invites open observation. The public is both together in the observation and individually connected to their own interiority. What happens exactly lies in the psyche of the performer and that of the spectator. The performance is less in what is seen but in what is acted.

  • Song For You, Street performance in front of Darling Foundry in Montreal.