Sway Array

Sway Array - Image by Patrick Saint-Denis

Sway Array – Image by Patrick Saint-Denis



Conception: Patrick Saint-Denis et Sarah Albu
Programmation, audio et robotique: Patrick Saint-Denis
Performance: Sarah Albu (image)
Support: Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Conseil des arts du Canada, Studio 303.


Sway Array is an audio-robotic performance that is rooted in an interest for physical movement and its interaction with sound. At the centre of the work, a matrix of nine robotic-speakers reacts to sounds and movements of a performer. Each speaker is about 2.5 meters high and also generates sonic actions. Their individual positioning is coupled with different audio processes through a chain of interactions involving the body and performative technology.

The loudspeaker array allows composition of physical movements but its use is also oriented towards symbolic content. In a way, this strange augmented acousmonium becomes a character in itself. Its visual appearance creates images that evoke different natural phenomena. Allusions to mass phenomena such as bird flocking, fish schools, swaying wheat and telescope arrays are inherent to its visual aspect. Finally, the array can also be seen as a musical interface in itself, with its specificities and limitations, offering a singular perspective on sound creation.