Signum (in progress)

Signum (in progress)

The SIGNUM project is a collective of Canadian-Mexican artists in audio art whose interests are centered around digital music and performance technologies. The team of composers/performers is comprised of Alejandro Escuer (MX/USA), Martin Marier (QC), Patrick Saint-Denis (QC) and Rodrigo Sigal (MX). Each member has a solid experience in electroacoustic music and the sum of their individual expertise covers the entire spectrum associated with digital music (new musical interfaces, computer-assisted improvisation, physical computing, robotics, interactivity, artificial intelligence).

The collective wish to share their expertise in order to design an audio performance which will be premiered in February 2019 as part of the Festival Mois Multi in Québec City (Producer: Les Productions Recto-Verso). The performance will be developed during two artist residencies that will take place from 11-23/06/2018 in Québec City (CA) and  from 17-23/08/2018 in Morelia (MX).

The group’s fields of interest overlap in several points and one of the central stakes is the gesture-sound relation in digital music performance. In instrumental music, gesture and sound are closely linked and above all modeled by the physicality of musical instruments. This connection between gesture and sound is somehow disconnected in digital music. It is first with the democratization of electricity that the energy producing the sound has begun to detach itself from the sound production. In instruments such as the Theremin or the Hammond organ or , to state a few, musicians only “control” the sound while the energy to produce it comes from electricity. This separation is even more evident in the digital context where the gestures are translated into data, interpreted by a computer and then rendered to sound. The magnitude of this gesture-sound disruption is greatly underestimated and this concern is at the center of the group’s research focus. In this way, the collective hopes to improve the interaction with the listeners and the audience’s reading of the digital music performers’ stage presence.

The collective hopes to convey musical messages not only through sound, but also through gesture and stage presence.

The name of the collective, SIGNUM, reflects its obvious interest in sound as a digital signal (SIGnal NUMérique in French), but it also hides an interest in music as a sign. The group gathers around a questioning on the nature of “meaning” in music and wishes to nourish the performance with these considerations.


Residencies at Recto Verso (06/2018) and CMMAS (08/2018).

Premiere scheduled for 02/2019 during Mois Multi in Quebec City.