The EBE project (working title) is a collaboration between Sarah Bronsard (dance) and Patrick Saint-Denis (audio art) developed around an interactive set design composed of a choir of five accordion-robots that interact with the dance. The performance addresses ideas related to the breathing process and some rhythmic and sonic elements coming from flamenco tradition through the prism of digital technologies.

Subjective Cartography II / Street View

pentafold-01 small

Installation made of a TV screen and an accordion robot choir. Street images of Lachine are displayed on screen, analyzed by computer and transposed to sound on accordions.

Saturated. The Rest.


What happens when you lock four improvisers in a black box with their instruments, microphones, cameras, projectors, curtains and computers? Two 14-day sessions for everything: a performance installation at the intersection of each universe, exploring the gray areas between composition and improvisation, direct and deferred, opening and form, beautiful and ugly…



The title refers both to sound waves, gestural waving and relationship between the two enabled by performative technology. In this performance, I use two sensors developed by Thalmic Labs to capture the orientation and electrical activity of the muscles in my forearms. Through custom software, my gestures are transposed to sound in a choreography that stands somewhere between the theremin and the air guitar.



Vertex is an audio-robotic performance created in 2013-2015 in collaboration with Jean Piché. The project is based on an electromechanical device consisting of a 16 robotic loudspeaker array based on the principle of the Leslie speaker. Each speaker has a drive system to move it up, down and rotate along a vertical axis of around 3 meters high. The device is manipulated live through an assembly of custom software components.


Sway Array, Performer: Sarah Albu
(c) Patrick Saint-Denis 2015

Sway Array is an audio-robotic performance that is rooted in an interest for physical movement and its interaction with sound. At the centre of the work, a matrix of nine robotic-speakers reacts to sounds and movements of a performer. Each speaker is about 2.5 meters high and also generates sonic actions. Their individual positioning is coupled with different audio processes through a chain of interactions involving the body and performative technology.


Lungta (c) Patrick Saint-Denis

LUNGTA is a robotized audio performance and interactive installation made out of a physical matrix of 192 motor-driven fans activating sheets of common stationary paper along a two-dimensional grid. Acting as a sort of pixel-based video image synthesizer or display, the matrix permits the specification of a rich and complex interaction between sound, video capture and performative gestures.

Subjective Cartography I / CITY?

City? (c) Patrick Saint-Denis

City? is a software that explores the idea of including live elements of figuration in a visual music context. An urban-like architecture constrains the movement of particles, much like the movement of humans inside a city.


(c)  Caroline Hayeur, 2014

pentafold is a robotic/audio performance: an experimental song for two singers, five voice-responsive interactive robotic accordions, and electronic sound.


TROMBE (c) Patrick Saint-Denis

Written for flute, live audiovisuals and robotics, this work establishes a correspondence between sound and image that is drawn from the live analysis of the flute player’s performance. The computer makes it possible to transform the instrument and expand its range into a visual dimension, in the manner of light keyboards of the late nineteenth-century.