Présentation de Sway Array dans le cadre de la soirée Composite#4.


Je présenterai mon projet Sway Array dans le cadre de la soirée Composite#4. L’événement aura lieu le 19 avril 2016, de 17 h 30 à 21 h, à Moment Factory (6250, avenue du Parc).



The title refers both to sound waves, gestural waving and relationship between the two enabled by performative technology. In this performance, I use two sensors developed by Thalmic Labs to capture the orientation and electrical activity of the muscles in my forearms. Through custom software, my gestures are transposed to sound in a choreography that stands somewhere between the theremin and the air guitar.

— 2016 McGill Music Graduate Symposium Schulich School of Music McGill University, Montreal March 18-20, 2016




Vertex is an audio-robotic performance created in 2013-2015 in collaboration with Jean Piché. The project is based on an electromechanical device consisting of a 16 robotic loudspeaker array based on the principle of the Leslie speaker. Each speaker has a drive system to move it up, down and rotate along a vertical axis of around 3 meters high. The device is manipulated live through an assembly of custom software components.

— Ars-BioArtica Residency in Finland (July-August 16)


— Résidence de création / Projet Black avec Pohu, Tremblay & Constanzo

pentafold-01 small

— Performance @In-sonora festival, Madrid


— Formation Processing au Centre Daïmon à Gatineau

City?, live@cirmmt, 11/2014, (c) Patrick Saint-Denis

— Résidence de création et performance au Centre Daïmon à Gatineau.

Lungta (c) Patrick Saint-Denis

— Résidence au Centre d’exposition de l’Université de Montréal